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Why travel to Armenia?

Why travel to Armenia
Why travel to Armenia

Armenia, a small and pleasant northern climate, is a great travel option. If you are looking for beautiful natural landscapes and delicious food, Armenia’s tour is the trip that has been arranged just for you. If you do not like to travel with Armenia’s term and plan your journey yourself, stay with us; we have brief and useful information about this crowded and hospitable country that it is good to know before the trip.

Briefly about Armenia

Armenia is bordered by Iran, Turkey, Georgia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus, Yerevan’s capital. Armenia was the first country to declare Christianity the official religion in 301 AD. It has an old and spectacular church if you will. In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the people of this country achieved their long-held dream after many historical conflicts. Armenia became an independent state. Iran and Armenia have historically had a relationship of mutual respect. The declaration of Iran’s neutrality in the Nagorno-Karabakh war gave this good neighborliness a remarkable consistency so that today Armenians treat Iran travelers well and appropriately, which you rarely see in other Caucasus countries.

Armenian visa

This country has a lot in common with Iran historically and culturally. Mountainous geography and cool climate, especially in the warm seasons, make Armenia one of the most attractive foreign trips for Iranian tourists. In addition to the pleasant weather and beautiful nature, Armenia has other attractions. First, the Armenian visa is issued at the Yerevan airport or the land border. In 2015, a 21-day ticket cost 3,000 drams, and a quarterly pass costs 15,000 drams.

travel expenses

Another is that the Armenians were calm and pleasant people. As we said, they treat Iranian travelers well and warmly. Another attraction of the Armenian tour is the exchange rate of this country’s currency with the Rial. The Armenian Dram is cheaper than other foreign currencies (currently, in September 2015, each Dram is bought and sold for about 7 Tomans or 7000 Rials). Armenia is also a good destination in terms of food and transportation costs. The cost of food is almost equal to Iran and sometimes even cheaper. The country’s urban transportation network includes electric trucks, subways, buses, minibusses (vans), and taxis. So you will not have a problem touring Armenia. Taxi fare is not expensive in this country, and it is cheap; The average quote for a closed taxi fare is about 750 drams. So in Armenia, unlike other foreign trips, a taxi ride’s cost will not be overwhelming. Close as much as you want and go wherever you like without traffic problems.

Celebrities of Armenia

Armenia is a small country with a population of about three and a half million people. However, the United States’ Armenian community is the second most powerful and active lobby in the United States, after the Jewish community. You will meet many Armenians or Armenian descent figures among the world-famous people in various fields of culture, art, and sports. Famous tennis players Andrei Aghasi, renowned chess player Gary Kasparov, famous tennis player David Nalbandian, famous Soviet-era director Sergei Parajanov, the system of a down singer Serge Tankian who were either born in Armenia or of Armenian descent.

Winter in Armenia

winter season in armenia

Armenia is a mountainous country, and only ten percent of its cities are less than a thousand meters high. The highest peak in the country is Aragats, which is 4090 meters high. Tour of Armenia is a good trip for skiing and winter sports. Zakhkadzor is a winter resort for Armenians and tourists in Kotayk province. Some Iranian travelers also go to Armenia to ski. The ski slope of this region attracts professional and beginner skiers from Armenia and foreign countries. In Zakhkadzor and the ski slope, there is a club, cable car, and an 11th-century church. If you are not a fan of skiing and cold, do not worry, Zakhkadzor summer is also attractive in Armenia tour. This summer region has colorful and masterful vegetation, which has made it known as Zakhkadzor, meaning the valley of flowers.

Summer in Armenia

Summer in Armenia

At an altitude of 1924 meters above the ground, Lake Sevan in eastern Armenia is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. The lake is a resort for Armenians and travelers touring Armenia and other tourists worldwide during the warm seasons. Suppose you are touring Armenia in the summer and want to take a dip in the water. In that case, this lake has a sandy beach and facilities such as a fun water park, an equestrian complex, a tennis court, and residential suites.

Armenia is not vast in the whole country and in the tour of Armenia you can plan a visit to the cities of this country and see their sights. One-third of Armenia’s population lives in Yerevan, and the rest in other cities. Gyumri, Abovian, Vanadzor, Ejmiadzin, Ashtarak, Kapan, Goris, Aparan, Artashat, Hrazdan, Ijevan, Amasia, Maralik, Martuni, Masis, Alaverdi and Vardenis are important cities in Armenia.

The best time to tour Armenia is from the end of May to the end of September. But as we said, you can travel to this country to ski and enjoy the snow in the cold seasons of the year. In Armenia, as in many countries, there are various occasions that, if they coincide with your Armenia tour, you can enjoy the festivals and celebrations that are held. Celebrations such as New Year, Christmas, Derendez (fireworks), Barigandan (Barghandan), Zaqqazard, and

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