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meeting with the beauties of Istanbul

beauties of Istanbul
beauties of Istanbul

Now that you are traveling to Istanbul and visiting this lovely city, it is good to know a little about this city’s sights; A town adjacent to the Black Sea in the north and the Sea of ​​Marmara (Aegean) in the south. A metropolis that combines the past, the present, and the future, and this fusion gives it a lovely and mysterious face that attracts many travelers to Istanbul every year.

This old town has many buildings, museums, parks, and sights. But if you are traveling on tour and want to know where you will visit in Istanbul tour and learn a little about its geography, let’s say it like this: the Bosphorus Strait divides Istanbul into two parts, European and Asian. Golden Horn Bay divides the European part of Istanbul again into two parts, through which the famous Galata Bridge crosses and many drivers and pedestrians pass through it during the day and night.

Well, now that you have almost figured out where Istanbul is, it is time to tell you about the sights of this city that you can see during your Istanbul tour. Because there are so many attractions, we will first categorize them and then introduce a number to choose some of them depending on your taste during the Istanbul tour and enjoy their time and viewing. Mosques and historical monuments, museums, recreational places, and natural attractions are the sights of this city that you can visit according to your time and taste during your Istanbul tour. In the following, we will explain each of these attractions.

Istanbul Monuments

A large part of the historical monuments and sights of Istanbul is located in the European part of the city, in Fateh and Sultanahmet. Mosques and palaces play a major role in the attractiveness of this list. You are a traveler on an Istanbul tour; you can have better planning by reading this suggested package that we have prepared for you.

Istanbul Mosques

istanbul mosque
istanbul mosque

Hagia Sophia: This building was originally a church built by order of Constantine the Great in the sixth century AD, and in the fifteenth century, the Ottoman kings added minarets to make this church a spectacular mosque. This mosque, which we recommend to travelers touring Istanbul, is located in the Fateh area and can be reached by tram, metro, and bus.

Sultanahmet Mosque: Do not miss the opportunity to see this beautiful building on your Istanbul tour. Sultan Ahmad always wanted to build a mosque to compete with the Hagia Sophia, and he succeeded. This mosque is one of the main attractions for travelers touring Istanbul and is located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood. Do not miss watching this mosque in Istanbul tour.

Sulaimaniyah Mosque: In the western part of the Golden Horn Bay, there is a beautiful Sulaimaniyah Mosque with its attractive dome and minarets. This mosque was designed and built in the 16th century by the architect Sinan, one of the prominent architects of the Ottoman Empire’s golden age. In the gardens of this mosque, Sultan Suleiman’s tomb and his wife Khorram Sultan that Iranian travelers touring Istanbul are well acquainted with these historical figures. The tomb of the architect Sinan is also built near this mosque.

These are just a few of the mosques in Istanbul. You can find more mosques by searching and make the Istanbul tour more productive.

Palaces of Istanbul

istanbul tourism
istanbul tourism

Topkapi Palace: It is one of the famous Ottoman palaces and was built by Sultan Mohammad’s order. This palace has a beautiful view of the Bosphorus. This palace has been turned into a museum, and exquisite works are kept in it. We promise the travelers of Istanbul tour that literary and artistic works from Iran can also be seen in this palace. This building is located in the Fateh area.

Delmabagche Palace: Located on the European shores of the Bosphorus. This palace has so many splendors and splendors that the beautiful and four-and-a-half-inch chandelier of this palace with 750 lamps is very dazzling and impressive. The Republic of Turkey, Ataturk, lived in the court of Delmabagce and died in 1983 in this palace. This beautiful palace is located in the Beşiktaş district. You can reach Istanbul by public transport such as metro and bus.

Charanga Palace: This palace is located on the shores of the Bosphorus. In 1871, Sultan Abdul Aziz ordered the construction of Cheraghan Palace. The structure of this palace took four years, and a lot of gold was spent on it. The castle, which had been in ruins for many years, was rebuilt with overhaul and turned into a luxury five-star hotel that now hosts many travelers from all over the world. How nice to be on a tour of Istanbul staying at this luxurious hotel.

These were a small part of the palaces of Istanbul. You can visit other beautiful castles such as Ainali Kavak, Billerbi, Filizli, Maslak and. During your trip.

Museums of Istanbul

istanbul museum
istanbul museum

Rahmi Koç Factory: The museum was opened in 1944 by Rahmi Koç, a famous Turkish millionaire, on the shores of the Golden Horn Bay in the Haskovo neighborhood. Many works inland transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, communications, engineering, and scientific tools have been collected in this museum. If you are on a tour of Istanbul and are interested in classic cars, do not miss visiting this museum. In this museum, classic cars belonging to celebrities, old models and dolls, luxurious boats belonging to the glorious past are collected. The museum is located in the Haskovo neighborhood near Beyoglu.

The Museum of Innocence: Orhan Pamuk, a famous Turkish writer, and Nobel Prize winner, founded the museum based on the novel of the same name. This museum narrates the Turkish people’s lives, especially Istanbul, in a wonderful style in the fifties, sixties, and seventies. The Museum of Innocence is located in the Beyoglu district, close to Taksim Street. We highly recommend it to those Istanbul tour travelers interested in literature and fiction.

Museum of Islamic Arts: The building of this museum, which is located in the Fateh region, is one of the most important works of Turkish architecture. This museum will display a valuable treasure trove of Turkish religious arts for you, the Istanbul tour travelers. This museum used to be the palace of Prime Minister Sultan Suleiman, the Ottoman.

Istanbul Museum of Fine Arts: If you are on a tour of Istanbul and are very interested in art history, plan to visit this museum. The Istanbul Museum of Fine Arts is located in the Beşiktaş district. It features paintings and calligraphy from the 19th to the present century.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art: It is one of the most popular museums in Istanbul that art lovers from all over the world and other tourists visit. The Modern Istanbul Museum, known as “Modern Istanbul,” is located on the Bosphorus coast and in the Beyoglu neighborhood. The museum houses valuable works of modern painting, sculpture, photography, video art, and other art fields. Whether you are traveling on an Istanbul tour or in person, you can easily go to this museum by tram and enjoy watching modern art.

Istanbul Resorts

Istanbul Aquarium
biggest aquarium in istanbul

We have a full list for you, a dear traveler who is on your way to Istanbul tour and you like to go shopping and have a little fun. Istanbul has many parks and resorts, but it surprises everyone with a new alternative from time to time. Like the newly established Wayland Amusement Park. In the following, we will introduce some of the famous recreational places that you should not miss during the Istanbul tour.

Princes ‘Islands: Among the waters of the Sea of ​​Marmara, there are nine small and large islands called Princes’ Islands. These islands, which are popular attractions among travelers touring Istanbul, were the place of exile of princes during Roman rule. The wealthy people of Istanbul have built beautiful houses on these islands, which they use as summer residences, and car traffic is prohibited. Büyükada Island is the largest island in the complex, where travelers are touring Istanbul; like other tourists and locals, they can rent a carriage or bicycle to explore the beautiful island. Konyaalدا Ada is another part of the archipelago with good beaches for those Istanbul tour travelers interested in bathing and sunbathing. Other famous islands in the archipelago include Kenya, Sadaf, Burgas, and Hibiya Ada. From Kabatash and Aminonu piers, you can reach the islands by passenger ferries that depart every fifteen minutes.

Wayland Amusement Park: With an area of ​​one million square meters, Wayland Amusement Park is the largest amusement park and amusement park in Istanbul, located in the Golden Horn area, 13 km Taksim Square. Wayland has also found many fans among Iranian travelers touring Istanbul. In this amusement park, or better to say, there is also a shopping center, water park, hotel, and restaurant in this amusement park. The park’s facilities include an air train, jet ski, horror tunnel, cinema, bowling alley, water park, and more. To get to this complex, there is a free service in Taksim Square every day. If you want an emotional experience during your Istanbul tour, be sure to visit Wayland.

Istanbul Water Parks: Istanbul has two water parks called Aqua Marin and Aqua Dolphin. The first is just a water park, and the second, in addition to the water park, you can also enjoy dolphin shows. Both water parks have a return service every day at 9 a.m. in Taksim Square, near the Ataturk Cultural Center. The Istanbul tour becomes much more fun with the water park experience.

Istanbul Aquarium: The Terquaz Aquarium opened in October 2009 at the Forum Forum Shopping Center in Istanbul and the Bayrampasa district. Shortly after the opening of this aquarium, it became one of the biggest tourist attractions in Istanbul. The aquarium houses more than tens of thousands of different species of fish and marine animals. Istanbul tour travelers can also take the metro, taxi, and tram to the aquarium and walk the 80-meter corridor to watch sharks, herring, and various rare fish species swimming around.

Istanbul Miniature Park: This park is located northeast of the Golden Horn Bay and was opened in 2003. If you have children on the Istanbul tour, be sure to take them to see this park. Replicas of famous buildings from all over Turkey have been collected in this park, half of which belong to Istanbul. The park has a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. Istanbul tour travelers, like other tourists, can access it by public transport.

Esteghlal Street: It is the most famous street in Istanbul. About three million people walk or cross it every summer day and night. Step by step, this street is a shop, restaurant, and cafe, and music can be heard at any time of the day or night. If you are looking for shopping and entertainment together in Istanbul tour, this street is the best option. On this street, you will see tourists of different nationalities and races from all over the world. An old and nostalgic tram transports tourists for free from Taksim Square to the end of this street, but if you are in the mood, take a walk, which is even more fun. It has been seen that some travelers are touring Istanbul, who are close to the hotel division, spend most of their time on this street.

These are all part of the fun you can experience in Istanbul. Depending on your mood or taste, you can find other kinds of entertainment or even make your own. For example, if you walk along the seafront on Kennedy Street, you will see boats that you can rent for an hour. You can rent a boat with your family or friends and ask the captain to take you to the pristine and beautiful places of the sea for bathing and sunbathing. In the Asian part, there are many parks and recreational areas that you can visit during the Istanbul tour. For example, travelers touring Istanbul talk a lot from Baghdad Street after Esteghlal Street. This street in the Asian part of the hangout of the rich people of Istanbul is a beautiful street with very luxurious shops and restaurants that the people of Istanbul go shopping and shopping this evening.

Istanbul Natural Attractions

Istanbul Natural
Emirgan Park

The climate and the surrounding seas make Istanbul a natural attraction in itself. Still, suppose you are looking for nature or camping. In that case, you will find many places around Istanbul to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while touring Istanbul. In the following, we will introduce some of these stunning effects of nature to you.

Belgrade Forest: This forest is about 6,000 hectares, 20 km from the center of Istanbul. In the past, immigrants from Belgrade lived in a village adjacent to the woods, which has been known by that name ever since. Belgrade’s forest with mineral springs and native animals such as deer and Cervus elaphus is a place of recreation and picnic for Istanbul’s people on holidays. It is ideal for all kinds of nature activities such as hiking, camping, and an area with beautiful nature and old trees.

Polonsky Village: This beautiful summer area is located in the Asian part, 25 km from Istanbul. In the 19th century, Polish immigrants discovered and settled in the area. The people of Istanbul go there for horseback riding, walking, and enjoying traditional Polish food. Although it is a bit far, if you have enough time on the Istanbul tour, you can go to Polunzko for fun.

Chamisa Hills: Chamlija Hills are known as the roof of Istanbul in the Asian part of the city. Pass to the Asian side of the town during your Istanbul tour from the top of these hills. You can see the Bosphorus Strait, the European part, and the port and ships moored at the Bogaz Bridge. Chamisa is also an ideal location for photographing the sights of Istanbul. Istanbul’s people come to these hills for fun and watching and sometimes for inspiration for poetry and stories. Not bad if you would like to see the Asian part on the Istanbul tour, climb these hills and see this city from above.

Well, you got acquainted with the attractions and sights of Istanbul. Alibaba is also available. Decide, go on a tour of Istanbul and enjoy watching all this beautiful and exciting spectacle. Alibaba is only one click away from Tehran to Istanbul.

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